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Friday, May 06, 2011

Last night's classes

Yesterday was super busy Thursday. I got to my Japanese class in good time and found that the cafe would be open on Wednesday (suiyoubi) and Thursday (mokuyoubi) evenings from now on.  My classmate bought me a cupcake (cuppukeiki ?) to celebrate. We continued practising sentences involving going someplace at sometime by somemeans, and then learnt to catch the train (densha).  I have to say, the new sentence construction has stumped me slightly as I feel like I'm saying Tokyo will arrive at 3pm rather than the train will arrive in Tokyo at 3pm. It's going to take some actual practise.

What time is the next train for Nagoya?
つぎ の なごや ゆき は なんじ です か
tsugi no nagoya yuki wa nan ji desu ka?

At what time does it arrive?
なんじ に つきます か
nan ji ni tsukimasu ka?

Ok, so only two sentences and a couple of phrases to learn really.

After the lesson, I was chatting with another classmate and something they said to me really resonated.  At first I thought I didn't understand what they were feeling, but I realised when I got home it was exactly how I feel about certain parts of my life. 

Dance class was good fun - quite a party atmosphere and great track, Wretch 32 unorthodox. This dance seems to have a particular move that aggravates my shin (whine whine whine about your leg, that's all you do) so I'll try gentle run tomorrow. After work today (worked late again, will be rich soon)  I enjoyed an evening of tv and knitting.  Friday night tv has really picked up now I know Doctor Who is repeated.  It means I can watch at the weekend, read all the discussions on ravelry all week, then watch again and see if I see anything new.

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