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Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm very much one for rewarding my own good behaviour.  As there were some definite feelings of panic and impending doom before the race, I made a little list of things to buy for myself as something to help look past the run itself.  As it turned out, I really enjoyed the run so didn't need any cheering up afterwards but I shopped anyway :)

I bought a selection of songs from the recent Glee episodes, including Pretty/Unpretty as the TLC album was one of the first I bought at uni.  I've also become the last person on the planet to buy Lady Gaga, Fame monster.  I should say Queen Gaga. I've never seen her perform before and I was totally impressed watching coverage on the beeb of the big weekend.  I can fully understand why she is the total superstar she has become. 

I went to The Yarn Yard and ordered a skein of pink Sugarsugar sock yarn (it was reduced dontcha know) and bought Manolo to use it up on. This pattern looks like a nice balance of patterning and stocking stitch so I might make it all the way through without too much cursing.

I also bought a skein of purple Enchant lace yarn for a Simplicity cardigan.  I rarely use lace yarn and it's even rarer that I finish something using it so maybe a one skein cardigan is the right idea.

Oops, I've just had a little splurge on Amazon but let's call those birthday presents and save them for another day.

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