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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterday and buttons

Last night's classes were fun.  In Japanese, we learnt how to take a taxi somewhere, even though we'd been advised that many Tokyo taxi drivers will just get lost.  The set phrases were a little dry so we also learnt how to say put your foot down and follow that car.  Unfortuantely, the phrase for follow that car is a real mouthful and we figured it would have got away by then. I can't really remember them at the moment but I get the feeling we'll be tested on it next week so I'll have to do some homework.

Dance class was also fun.  I have some lovely friends there now and I particularly enjoyed this routine.  We were videoed but it hasn't made its way on to facebook yet.

I managed to sneak in some button shopping at lunchtime.  I didn't have the WIP with me so took a punt on three different styles in the hope that one would work.  I'm not sure that any is particularly better than the other but I really want to finish the button band so I'll use them as a guide and possibly get more later. 

Here is my lovely night before race dinner.  Chicken, spinach, courgette, red onion (it's not real cooking if you haven't fried an onion, unless it's cake) and pasta.  I have very mixed feelings about tomorrow.  Very mixed.  I've decided to add in some motivation and not let myself buy any presents (I'm thinking, Glee music, some yarn, Lego POTC for the Wii...) until after the race. Whether it's congratulations or commiserations, I'll enjoy some retail therapy.  I bought Lego POTC on the DS but left it at work.  STOOOPIIIDDDDD!!!!! I don't even know why I had it delivered to work as it would have fitted through my own postbox.  It's probably just aswell as I should focus on knitting this weekend.  I have so many things I want to finish and start!

conversation in Japanese:
ME: to the library and step on it!
toshoku onegai shimasu. motto hayaku onegai shimasu

としょく おねがい します もっと はやく おねがい します

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At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Robbyn said...

Best of luck with your run! I've been admiring your determination.

Your supper looks seriously yummy :)


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