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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Run #11

Pre run munch: banana
Post run munch: chocolate, oops should eat something else
Time of run: 5.45 pm gogo go ji yon ju go fun  ごごご じ よん じゅ ごふん
Steps: 2300
Time: 22mins
Category: mostly a walk
Feeling: oh yeah, I ate a bug

Well this was a run of firsts.  I wanted to try out the secret sweets pocket in my running shorts before the race on Saturday but ended up eating a bug.  It just flew in and it was totally gross. It occurred to me that I was lucky it hadn't happened before as I breathe with my mouth while I run. It was right at the beginning of the run and I think that soured the whole experience so I ended up doing a really short circuit and walking home.  It was also too hot and there isn't much shade where I like to run. I think I ate my baana too early too as I felt quite sluggish. So it wasn't a great training run but I did test the pocket. My sweets pocket acted more as a safety deposit box - once they were in, it was not easy getting those sweets back out again. I took a few haribo with me and had wrapped them in clingfilm just in case there was any stickiness. The pocket has a lip on the top to stop things falling out and it did work.  Nothing fell out.  I persevered and concluded if I want to eat while running, I'll have to walk.  I had to stop to get the sweets out, then remembered that chewing on the run isn't that safe, especially as I like to chew with my mouth closed and run with my mouth open.  There is much potential for tongue biting, choking and further bug eating! I think for the race, I'll have to view any sweets as emergency only and to eat them on walking breaks. I did have an interesting thought on my walk back in the shade, about Flossie's cardigan.  If it's a cardigan, shouldn't I plan in some buttons on the button band? I'm just about to knit the edging and would have done it all without button holes.

So that's the end of training for the race on Saturday.  I managed 10 runs (as one was actually a swim) out of an originally planned 18. Just over half.  That's not bwilliant but there's nothing left to do now except turn up and give it a go.  I don't want to give up half way but it does feel very daunting.  I plan to run and walk and remember to smile and pretend I'm having fun and hopefully I will enjoy it.

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