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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Next project is an old one

After the success of finishing the Honey cardigan I felt spurred on to knit another cardigan.  I started looking around for a pattern but my sister reminded me I should finish something already in waiting.  I like this idea as it's like getting free clothes - I've already got everything I need and I'm actually further on than I expected. I've been pleasantly surprised by this project before. Periodically, I pull it out of its bag and knit a few rows.

This time I found that I'd actually finished the back and front and done half a sleeve.  I also found some scraps of other yarn - I don't know what they're doing in there.
This is Scrumptuious DK that I bought waaaaaay back when, around the same time my husband was thinking of walking out on me*, so perhaps some of my reluctance to finish it is that association. Naah! I think the real problem is, I didn't get gauge so I blithely thought I'd make my own calculations.  It's hard enough putting down a project and picking it up again, but it's even worse if you have to remember what nonsense numbers you were using.  I did make some reasonable notes though, another nice surprise, which is why I managed to finish both fronts and make them match.  I don't remember which notebook I wrote them in though or where that notebook might be.

*I wonder if that also encouraged me to buy so much.  It's certainly entertaining to look back at all those purchases and see that I have knitted myself three pairs of socks from it.  THREE PAIRS, PEOPLE! Out of a possible 9 pairs, a cardigan, a jumper and a shawl! That is not entirely surprising. I think one hank of sock yarn went to my sister as a present, one is on the needles at present, the lace yarn was started, the cardigan started (see above) and the rest is admired fairly regularly.

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