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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Run #10

Pre run munch: cereal
Post run munch: smoothie
Time of run: 1.00 pm gogo ichi ji ごごいちじ
Steps: 2924
Time: 27mins
Category: short and warm
Feeling: fine

I wanted to have a training run around the same time as the race so I went out at 1pm today.  Ok, I had a really long lie in and didn't wake up until 11am so I had breakfast and did some knitting first AND put some washing on which I've been avoiding for ages but had run out of socks.  It was warm and humid and slightly cloudy so I didn't enjoy the weather.  I think the race will mostly be shaded but it could be very warm, which would make me think I won't get a personal best time except it's my first race. It doesn't matter how slowly I limp round, it will still be a PB.  And it will be slow.



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