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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yes sir, yes sir, a big bag of wool

I have a lovely big bag of wool ready for a new project for Let's Knit. I had meant to get started on it at the weekend but I was a bit busy basking in the glory of stumbling round a wood for an hour and a half.  My limbs are still achey and today I felt grim - I think it was a come down from the high of the physical exertion.  It's just aswell I have all these presents lined up for myself which will hopefully start arriving tomorrow. I don't know how sensible it is buying more yarn and computer games, though, when I don't find the time to use up the ones I already have.  I thought I would finish Flossie's cardigan this evening but had a mini mental breakdown and did my ironing instead.  I just wanted to put it away.  My younger sister has been encouraging me to tidy up as I go along and to be honest, I was so fed up this weekend of my house looking like I'd been subjected to an FBI investigation, I tidied on Sunday and I did my washing up before bed last night and today I put my clean clothes away.  Freakish behaviour, I doubt it will last long.

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