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Sunday, July 17, 2011

KnitNation 2011

I went to knitnation and even took my camera but didn't dig it out until after I'd had lunch. I took a dreadful photo of Ysolda and am farily sure she glared at me for making it so rubbish. I would have tried kinnearing LilyF rance or Cookie A or Franklin Habit but I was too slow witted.

I did buy a few things.  Some dpn keepers and chart markers from Atomic Knitting.
Some To Dye For Yarn from Loop. I didn't buy any Wollmeise but perhaps I should have.

A merino tencel blend from Juno - very georgeous peaceful colourways.

Very bright Sunshine sock yarn that Katie wasn't totally convinced by.
5 balls of Angora blend, three red and two grey. Very excited about this.

Pile of goodies complete with signed copy of Little Red in the City. I also did a lucky dip and won a coupon for another of Ysolda's patterns from her website.
I finished the first square - YAY!

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At 8:32 PM, Blogger Barleygold said...

Haha! Yes it's Very Yellow. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished whatever you use it for! Love the YAY square too. :)


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