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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post #250

Today has been a mixed day.  I developed a hideous bad mood/anxiety attack just before lunch that only really went this evening.  I think it was a combination of not eating lunch soon enough (food swings!) and sending an email that I instantly regretted.  It was in a much snottier tone that I normally use and it sent me into spasms about whether what I said was true was really true or if I made it all up.  le sigh.

I'm knitting away with the squeaky yarn for the gift love hearts blanket.  It's made in squares and my mum cheerfully informed me I need to knit a square every five days.  My sister is on target but I had a ripping incident yesterday that has left me behind already.  I don't know if you can really see it in this picture, sometimes with illusion knitting you really have to know what you're looking for to be able to see it.

 I had moved the edge of the heart to somewhere wandering around its centre, shown more clearly below.
 16 rows below! That was tough to take but I'm made of stern stuff so I thought I'd just drop down the rows and correct it, making knits into purls where appropriate.
 I've done this before but after spending ages looking back through my blog I can't find the proof! Chances are though, when I did it before, and I remember it being successful, I dropped the correct stitches first time round, unlike with this.  And that really killed the attempt for me, I would have had to rework the stitch that was already correct and then repeat that 8 times at least, and I couldn't really get my head round 16 rows and 9 columns that didn't really look like much.
 So I took the executive decision to remove the needles and rip.
 I ripped this much.
 Here is back to where it wasn't wrong.  I figured I'd made the mistake because I was only using two stitch markers about a third and two thirds along the row and I'd misremembered where they were.
 I made some new markers to use at every 10th stitch. There are just small loops tied in a contrast colour witha  double knot.

So now I'm back into and haven't made any more mistakes.  I'm past the word in the centre so it will speed up a bit and then when I've finished the heart outline it will be even quicker.  I think this blog is testament to how unbothered by deadlines I am so I'll just keep at it and do my best.  I'll try to enjoy it and the endless hours of tv I'm managing to get through too.  I watched a really dull film with plenty of Harrison Ford talking (which made it very pleasant) and then moved onto Gods and Monsters. It stars Ian McKellen and I keep imagining Gandalf/Magneto will start using his powers to persuade Brendan Fraser to go for a swim. (Which will make sense if you watch the film.)



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