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Monday, July 25, 2011

Training for September #9

Pre run munch: rice pudding
Post run munch:chicken and veg pasta
Time of run: 6.00pm gogo lokuji
Distance: a whopping 5.1km
Time: 41 mins
Category: 1x2 run then walk program, 13 reps plus 1 extra minute run and then walk home
Feeling: knackered

Did I add an extra rep in by accident? Maybe that's why I found it so hard.  I'm a bit confused now.  So today I had to push through a psychological barrier and turn left outside my house instead of right.  Yes, peeps, I'm now an ambiturner.  I went into the village to extend my route, instead of hiding in the park and the streets near my house.  It takes about 14 minutes to reach the park in this direction, complete with added embarrassment of wolf whistling (push) bikers. I kept crossing their paths so I didn't hang around in the park for as long as I wanted and had to head out onto concrete again. I really had to push myself in the later stages of the run - I felt quite tired at 15 minutes, winding in and out of the trees in the park.  I don't know how I made it really.  I'm a bit sore too. Running is a mind game.  I wanted to quit but I really wanted to stick to the plan so I kept stumbling forward until my watch said I could stop.  Then I stumbled home to knit and play GnomeTown.  I'm supposed to finish the third square today but I think I should get to bed soon. If I can tear myself away from listening to the Amy Winehouse albums I downloaded, in celebration of her talent and to mark her passing.



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