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Monday, July 18, 2011

Training for September #7

Pre run munch: rice pudding
Post run munch: sausages and veg stir fry and rice
Time of run: 6pm gogo nana ji
Distance: 3.95km
Time: 32 mins
Category: 1x2 run then walk program, 10 reps plus 1 extra minute run and then (v short)walk home
Feeling: pleased I missed the downpour

I don't know what went wrong with my preparation tonight but I was desperate for the loo by the time I got home and I felt it as I was going round.  Round and round the park and little bit of village I live in.  I was too efficient this time and only had a short walk home so the total time out today was basically the same as the previous session, even though I added in an extra 3 minute rep.  I think I've hit my fitness level now.  The final two minutes of running were more of a challenge than previously and I began to feel achy which is a good sign that I'm pushing myself.  I'm not sure whether I'll add another rep next time or repeat today's program.  I won't wear the hairband with a big yellow flower on next time though.  I brought home some kind of buzzing insect in it!



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