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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I managed two thirds of the purple Lush lips square this weekend, which is more than I truly thought I'd get done. I had to write out the chart yesterday morning, before doing some more ballet conditioning then realising I only had half an hour to shower, get dressed, pack, make lunch and leave to catch my train. It was all fine and I had a very pleasant journey up to Maidenhead to see the Wheelers including baby PWW and the final Harry Potter film. And eat lots of Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

In the evening we ate home made pizza and watched all of the Family Guy Star Wars spoofs. Baby PWW is lovely and we enjoyed some cuddles and dancing this morning and then it was time for me to trek back home, knitting all the way, and whizz round the supermarket and clean the house and then be distracted by GnomeTown. A perfect weekend, really :)



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