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Friday, July 22, 2011

Training for September #8

Pre run munch: beetroot crisps and a pb&h roll
Post run munch: dinner
Time of run: 5.20pm gogo goji nijuppun
Distance: 4.33km
Time: 34 mins
Category: 1x2 run then walk program, 11 reps plus 1 extra minute run and then (v short)walk home
Feeling: amazed I got out so quickly after work

Running was good and I really had to push myself to get through the final two minutes of running.  I'm also concentrating on not slapping my heels down with every step but aiming for the balls of my feet more and keeping light on my feet.

After a marathon effort today, having swung by work, the doctor's, back past work, through my sister's for lunch and football and back home via the bank, I sat on the sofa for about 6 hours.  Dang, this blanket is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.
 I'm going to my friends' house for the weekend including the new HP bk 7 part II film and pizza and cuddles with baby PWW. The blanket is coming on the train and I hope to get through a whole nother square.  I don't know how realistic that is but I'm already behind on the schedule of one square every 5 days. 

Next up is Lush Lips in purple. I have to draw my own chart for this one aswell which is always exciting - on the previous one I ended up with Found Yod. Tremendulunt!

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