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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Final instalments

My final instalments of the steeplechase club and the GBWC arrived so click on the photo above if you want to see them. The steeplechase club was a one off lace club from the Yarnyard.  There were a couple of delays to the parcels from the original schedule which I would bear in mind for next time but I would recommend signing up to a club from Natalie. The yarn was beautiful, each time not something I would have bought for myself so it did the job of helping me try something new. The GBWC from the Natural Dye Studio is also one I would recommend with the caveat that some of the parcels smelled extra sheepy.  The club is run to promote and support unusual breeds of British sheep and is run in three monthly segments.  I don't know whether to just stick with the 300g that I have, and make three separate projects or possibly a tank top out of them, sign up for another quarter (if there is space) or buy some more skeins from previous months so I could knit a whole jumper.  Decisions, decisions...

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