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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

718 out of 730 can't be bad

My yarn from the yarn yard hasn't arrived yet and I'm a bit sad about that even though I have a full bag of wool (as seen yesterday) to play with.  It's not rational, I realise, as even after I've finished with the bag of wool, I've got all sorts of wips I'd like to do all sorts to. I like to finish things, after all, it's like getting free clothes, and that cuts down on the need to wash and iron.  It seems I like to start things even more than I like free clothes though. And I like to buy things even more than I like to start things.  This is evident in all the dvds and computer games I have, still in their plastic wrapping, with another box of treats arrived from Amazon today. Some of the dvds are from myself from xmas 2009, films I'd already seen but were on special offer and I felt I ought to have them. I think I felt a need to boost the number of presents I would get for xmas, as I was feeling very divorced that year.  I'm not sure why I need this buffer of possessions, especially as I would have to work really hard to watch or play or knit them all.  I also have a tv recorder which is nearly full of films, boxes of yarn.  I haven't bought much yarn since the unicorn club in 2009. Sometimes I get yarn stress - I worry that I've invested so much in all that yarn that wouldn't it be awful if it caught moths, or sometimes I feel guilty for having it and not using it.  Yes, it's an investment for when the apocalypse comes or the next cold snap. There are evenings when I like to look at the skeins of sock yarn before I go to bed, like saying good night to the Walton family.

Somewhere around last summer, I decided not to buy anything if I already had it. No new shampoo until I used up the old one, no hoarding bubble bath, no music until I'd really listened to the stuff I already had.  It was prompted after a holiday in July, where the enormous credit card bills kept coming.  The holiday itself was a huge treat so I suppose I partly didn't fell I needed anymore treats.  I wrote about it here and seemed to have been enjoying myself immensely.  I'm not sure where I forgot about it - certainly I've kept some of the habits but have really fallen off the wagon in the last week or so.  And I realise, like before, it's very easy for me to stop shopping, as I have previously bought everything I could possibly need and then some...

...although I been eyeing up Kindles again.



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