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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gauge swatch

I had such a lovely time at Cath's birthday party yesterday.  I sat on her brand spanking new decking and coloured in fairies with her neice, chatted with her friends, ate curry, ate cake, ate chocolate and had a full day o' fun.  It turned into a late night but I even set my alarm to get up at a reasonable time this morning and I'm not feeling too bad.  I have spent a lot time already playing computer games and tidying so the next thing on the list is food shopping, then knitting!

I washed Flossie's cardigan ready for blocking and I made that mistake of lifting it out of the water by the collar. It went FLOOP and doubled in size.  Ack. I smooshed it back together a bit but it's still a lot bigger than before it was washed.  It makes we wonder what the point of kntiting swatches is.  Swatches lie.  I think the only accurate gauge measurement I can take is from the finished cardigan!



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