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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This week's Japanese

This week at Japanese, we learnt two new verbs and how to use them: arimasu and imasu.  They are both used for existence but arimasu is for inanimate objects and imasu is for animate stuff like people and dogs.  I'm not sure if it includes plants.  For the last few weeks, we were learning how to use public transport so now once we've arrived we can ask what there is to do there.

I'm going to Nikko tomorrow.
watashi wa ashita Nikko ni  ikimasu.
わたし は あした にっこう に いきます

What is there in Nikko?
Nikko ni nani ga arimasu ka
にっこうに なにが あります か

There are large temples and shines.
Okii o-tera ya jinja ga arimasu.
大きいおてらや じんじゃが あります

There is a woman at the reception desk.
Uketsuke ni onna no hito ga imasu
うけつけに おんあのひとが います

There's quite a bit of new vocab to learn and lots to practise with the different verbs and particles.



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