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Monday, May 23, 2011

Turn it up to 11

My lovely squooshy yarn arrived from the yarn yard today.  It is gorgeous! It was a bit much first thing this morning as I had a supreme tiredness hangover and my eyes were really sore.  The colours of the yarn were a lot brighter than I expected.   The pink had definitely been turned up to 11!  It is 50:50 merino and silk and has a lovely sheen. It makes me think of sweets and ballet dancers and lipstick.  The purple is 100% merino, 750m to 150grams.  It's a heavy lace weight, only a little finer than the sock yarn so seems like a good compromise for me.  I have only finished one shawl in lace weight, for my mum's 50th birthday present, and then it went AWOL.  I've started another shawl since but the pattern doesn't seem to be at all memorisable so I only seem to do a few rows at a time.  I like to knit in front of the tv and I definitely wouldn't enjoy either the program or the knitting if I tried it with that shawl. I'd like to cast on the patterns that I queued but I'll have to wait until my project for Let's Knit is finished.  It's well under way and quite relaxing which is what I need tonight. I'm watching Alfie (Jude Law) to keep me company.

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