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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting, knitting everywhere, and not a stitch to blog

I've noticed that now I'm knitting something for the magazine, and on a little running break, I've far less to blog about.  Annoying! So I guess I'd better start running again before I turn into a blob or repeat myself too much. I"ve signed up for another 10k race.  It's in the same venue, but this time it's for charity and I'm doing it with a friend.  It's in September so I've got plenty of time to leave all my training until the last minute.  I might treat myself to some trail shoes but we'll see.

I'm working on the magazine project, let's call it Bob, and it's going swimmingly so far.  I'm enjoying the yarn, a blend of alpaca and wool, but I wonder if it's irritating my eyes a bit.  I love alpaca but my eyes are particularly sensitive at the moment from mild hayfever. I'd prefer to be able to blog it as I go along but I don't think that's ok.  I'm trying to take pictures as I go along so I can show how it progressed when it's published.

Keeping me and Bob company are many tv programs.  The walking dead finished (brilliant) and Smallville season 10 will start soon.  Desperate Housewives is good to knit to as there's so much dialogue.  Action films and Doctor Who are no good for knitting.  I love the 11th Doctor! Next Saturday's episode is the last one for a while and I wonder if it will be a total cliffhanger ending or a partial one.  Where is crazy Eye Patch Lady from? I treated myself to a boxset for my birthday and now I'm debating about preordering another one.  It's not available until September but it's only £1 more with a whole extra season. That's possibly a downside to blogging more - I sit and look at Amazon and although I don't have 1-click, it only takes a couple more clicks to have spent a ton.  I suppose I shouldn't buy any boxsets until I've watched all the ones I already have.  Hmph.

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