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Friday, May 27, 2011

Last night's classes

Well it's the weekend, and a bank holiday one at that.  I am feeling really queer and have been for a few days.  I'm not sure if I'm overtired or aneamic or dehydrated or what but I feel really lethargic and queasy.  I'm self medicating with cake which may be counterproductive but it's my mum's homemade cake and she makes really good cakes. 

I woke up yesterday to my alarm like normal and shut my eyes for a moment - then woke up again to find it was 20 minutes later.  I spent the whole day yawning and trying to wake up so I wasn't sure I'd make it all the way through to dancing.  I almost didn't make it to Japanese as my license plate had fallen off the front of my car.  It had been held on with double sided tape which surprised me but apparently this is ok and can be fixed and no extra cost at my MOT appointment.

We had an all time low turnout at Japanese.  Only five people! I had to move seats and work with Dan-san and Helen-san which made me a bit nervous - I've become a terrible creature of habit.  My seat is in the corner with Salah-san and Bob-san or James-san but all three of them were absent.  keseki desu! We didn't work for very long anyway. We had cakes in the break time. I had a mini Colin the Caterpillar cake as I had chosen them especially when I was sent out to the shops. I felt like I'd been thrown out for being disruptive. Possibly, I am disruptive.

We learnt how to say I'm learning Japanese, although predictably I've forgotton! We then learnt more about positioning, saying the sofa is next to the window and so on.  In Japanese, the order of words is often the reverse of English and this was no exception.  Helen-san started saying that the book was on top of the table but Hiromi-sensei corrected her and started saying the table was under the book.  Doh! If you want to say the book is on the table you say
table, on top of, the book is.   This perturbed me greatly. 
taberu no ue ni hon ga arimasu
たべるの うえに ほんが あります

I think to say there is nothing on the table is
taberu no ue ni nani mo arimasen
たべるの うえに なにも ありません

And the word for flower is the same as the word for nose: hana

Well, I was feeling a bit woozy anyway so it didn't go in terribly well but we've got half term next week so there'll be time to revise.  I perked up enough to make it to dancing and I'm really glad I did. Only three of us managed to turn up! Must be something in air tonight.  The routine is really fun - slower than usual so more technical. At first I couldn't remember it at all and the teacher kept asking us to do it without him but after a few more run throughs it all flooded back.  I slept really well last night so I'm glad I went but then today I was back on a woozy/cake cycle.  I don't think the cake is actually helping so I'm making an effort to finish up all of the cake in my flat. You know, for health purposes ;)



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