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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Training for September #1

Pre run munch: pb&h on toast
Post run munch: fish and beans
Time of run: 6.15pm gogo loku ji jugo fun
Distance: 3km
Time: 25 mins
Category: trying out a new app
Feeling: super sleepy

I downloaded an app to track me on gps and tell me how far and how fast I ran.  It was interesting reading. Apparently I travelled 3km. I'm pleased it seems to work but taking my phone and my ipod out made my armband heavy so that's probably why I didn't run for long ;)  I'm glad to have just broken the psychological barrier of my first run after the race and a break.  I still enjoy running which is good to know.  Bob is coming along.  I'll start another section tonight. I'm a bit concerned about having enough yarn so I'll knit a different section and make some more yardage calculations. That's if I can stay awake for much longer - the run turned me super sleepy which is great, as I don't always sleep very well. I'm also relieved I booked my car MOT as I kept forgetting to do that.  

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