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Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting my mojo back



Here we both are, enjoying a little bit of rain in Windsor. I learnt a lesson that day: don't go shopping having been drinking or else you may end up spending £10 on fudge when you don't really like fudge anyway.  I learnt a similar but less insightful lesson last week: being ill in bed might make you want to knit socks.  Internet shopping in a flu haze is rather wonderful and you can end up purchasing all sorts of things you hadn't planned.

Needles and tiger yarn

My first thought was for sock needles. I've taken on a commission for some socks and thought I didn't have the necessary equipment so hotfooted it to Getknitted for reasonably priced wooden dpns. In fact, I would have settled for non-wood because I was feeling a little desperate. I went looking for sock needles in Reading a few weeks' ago (odd coincidence?)  and was very disappointed with both John Lewis and Hobbycraft. Whilst it's true socks can be knitted in any weight yarn, I particularly was looking for 2.5mm and 2.25 mm needles as I have 2mm and 2.75mm and have been slowly losing and bending my 2.5mm current set.  I like to knit lots of small, tight stitches on small needles. It is not everyone's cup of tea, I accept, but is seems to me I am more alone than usual in Reading.  So, to the internet and the lovely shop that is Getknitted. I have shopped with them several times before and always been pleased. This time, however, I was a little disgruntled to find some of the needles I had ordered were out of stock so I needed replacements and no they wouldn't be with me before Easter. Don't they understand my desperation to knit?!?

Well all stories I like to tell have a happy ending and this one is no exception.  I swatched the commission socks and found I achieved gauge with my existing super lovely ebony 2.75mm Lantern Moon dpns that I hadn't had a chance to use before.  This is all rather wonderful! I then started feeling a little guilty - I'd accidentally bought two extra sets of dpns and three loads of sock yarn. This used up almost half of the fee I'm being paid and I hadn't even started yet. Well, hahahahhahahaha is all I can say because everything has arrived in the post, I'm well into the paid socks, I'm rolling in beautiful yarn and I have my sock knitting mojo back. Hoorah! And it seems, I have some blogging mojo back too. La vie is bella sock yarn.

From Getknitted, I purchased 150g Opal sock yarn in Tiger (on special offer I think, and with my dad in mind but more about that later in the year), some Brittany 2.25mm dpns and Knit Picks 2.5mm dpns.


Sock needles   The Knit Picks dpns were substitutes for the out of stock item and that pleased me as I hadn't realised I could buy the sets individually.  I find it very funny that there are six in a set but I expect I will soon reduce that to four.  The lovely people in the shop also sent me a pen and a lollipop. Can't say fairer than that.

I did start getting distracted by other sock yarn so decided to amble over to Jeni's see what was going on. Accidental purchasing ensued.


Sock yarn

On to the scrummiest of scrumptiousness: British BFL sock yarn in Mallard and Superwash Merino sock yarn in (I think) Chocolates and Roses.


Ooooooooh, I think this will make socks for me and some tiny ones for my rapidly growing littlest nephew.


Chocs and roses

This might also make lovely socks for me. I did start to feel a little guilty about all the other people in my life who don't have hand made socks so it's possible that these two hanks won't be just for my feet. Especially as there are so many more colours and yarns out there to choose from! Just take a look at the lovelies on offer at Fyberspates.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hello! This is a little bit of a test of Live Writer to see if I can get back into blogging without having an internet connection in my room. Here is a photo:


There are sheep here!

And here is a hyperlink to Chris's website

OK, connect to the web and push the button and see what happens.