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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gone Travelling

I don't think I'll be blogging while I'm away so this is it from me until June 2007. Thanks for reading and commenting and perhaps we can all pick up where we left off next year. Everything is manic here but I think our luggage is the correct weight and I have a good balance of yarn and hats (to cover up the terrible hair cut I just had. I feel so ugly but it will grow!). Things have been a bit teary over the last few weeks as I've said goodbye to people but now I'm really geared up for things. So, here's a teary goodbye to you guys and an excited hello to the inside of airports and swiss chocolate.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some things I've been working on

Before I leave, I'd like to finish a little tank top for one of the people we are visiting on our tour. She is 18 months old and a I haven't made her anything since she was newborn so it is long overdue. I machine knitted the body of the tank and am crocheting very short sleeves. I hope it won't be too hot for her to wear it.Crocheted sleeve
Cora's top
Crochet detail
I have started designing with the bamboo. I've chosen a lace pattern and started a sleeve. Manipulating lace patterns is a real earache. I put some ribbing at the bottom of the sleeve but now I'm wondering if it's necessary. I don't know how I'll finish the rest of the top so ribbing might be out of place. As it is, it needs redoing as the rib and the pattern don't line up at all.Bamboo lace
Bamboo lace
Bamboo lace

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Does yarn take up more space when it's knitted...

... or more space when it's still in hanks?

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the booties pattern. Don't forget to send me some pictures when you make them!

I am sitting in the room which was my brother's bedroom and then my sister's and is now the study in my parents' house. I moved out of my flat yesterday, two weeks in advance of leaving the country for a worldwide yarn tour. I have been concentrating on worrying about packing up the flat so now is my first real chance to worry about how I'll cope. How do you prepare for spending 10 months away from family? Is it better not to worry and just accept that they will all be fine when you get back? I'm really excited about going travelling but I get homesick after two weeks.

I finally made it to Stash last weekend and stayed for hours. It is so lovely there.
I purchased four hanks of yarn for specific projects while travelling. Here is my packing inventory (begging the question about space)

6 * 100g SWTC bamboo for a twinset - I bought these last year and must must must use them
7 * 50g (or is it 100g?) mohair for a jumper - a gift I was given last year for my birthday and the finished jumper might be useful for cold Japan
2 * 50g alpaca and silk for Dana Victoria wrist warmers - from Stash and the pattern is by Robbyn
300g sock yarn for me and the husband - the husband's socks are cream organic wool from Garthenor and mine is self striping

Chris is now saying we will have to post some of the yarn onwards to Kathmandu but how will I choose which to send?