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Friday, May 30, 2008

I've moved house...

... and it's all still in chaos and I keep losing sock needles in the debris. Aside from that, I'm doing very well and really enjoying having my own place again. We've filled up the courtyard with potted fruit and veg plants and some sweet peas. The beans and peas haven't sprouted yet as there's been very little sunshine since they were planted.

I'm trying my hand at submitting a pattern to a magazine so cross your needles for me!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Amazing husband socks

Special post by Chris, Abi's hubbie.


Here they are, at last. Yes there are two of them (socks not husbands):


But I couldn't take a photo of both of them at the same time on my feet since I was outside, using a clothed- but quite weak table as my photography prop, and was all on my own. So just one sock on and photographed at a time was my limit.


I'm so lucky! Custom made socks. I had to erm well be quietly persistent in reminding Abi about knitting MY socks next!


After the first one was finished, I did actually refuse to wear it for any period of time, aware that this would perhaps encourage Abi to knit me a second one too! As if someone would just knit one of a pair. I would never do that, say, with gloves in Japan (and essentially refuse to do more than 2 rows of rib leaving the rest up to poor old Abi).

Thank you very much my love. Here is one of the finest flowers of the season yet:


P.S. they are wonderful to wear xxx

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Chocolate and violet socks update

Chris's socks are going very well.  We have been on a working holiday for a week, staying with my younger sister.  We are moving to be nearer my family soon and needed somewhere to live.  We found somewhere with minimal trouble and I knitted aplenty. I left home without spare yarn and a needle so we had to improvise for the trying on session and use my mum's set of dpns for extra help.  Usually, I just try the sock on but we saw a little while ago that that can make for broken needles so if I'm feeling nervous I'll thread all the stitches onto scrap yarn.

Sock hedgehog 2

Sock hedgehog Eyelet closeup

I realised I've been calling this colourway chocolates and roses but I think they are actually chocolates and violets which makes more sense.  I showed both my brother out-laws and they were impressed.  Noone said a man can't possibly wear that colour so sadly I think I will have to give these to my husband and not keep them for myself.  The yarn is wonderful - at once crisp and squeaky and super soft.

Heel flap close up Chris took this Chris took this too


We finished the week's holiday with a trip to the cinema to see Iron Man. It was brilliant fun and I had a strange inkling to stay to the end of the credits. I was ever so pleased that we were rewarded with a little treat which sets the scene for a sequel. 

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