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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Come join the celebration!

I'm having a little party at home and you are all welcome to join in. I've had a very positive response from a printed knitting magazine so bring on the bucks fizz and pain au chocolat.
Happy me!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Whoa, there!

I am learning to drive and made it up to 3rd gear today!!!! I felt like I was completely out of control and racing round brands a top speed of 20mph!!!!!!!!!

Ok, calm down. Breathe.
Mum's socks

I am knitting all sorts of things. The socks above are for my mum. They are the same pattern as the ones I made for Chris which I thought I might like to sell. I've written in a few more sizes and am testing a size for my mum. The thing is, I'm concerned that as they are knitted on 2mm needles and have approximately 6000 stitches, people won't be interested. So I ignored them for a while and obviously they didn't just knit themselves so my mum still doesn't have her socks and I still don't have a pattern to sell. Is it wrong to want to sell patterns? Well, anyway, I took them with me to the new knitting group I have been attending for a while, KniTWells. I wonder if they have a clever button or something I can put on my blog. I didn't knit them but my sister did manage to tread on them so now, as usual, I am down to four needles. You can't fight fate.

For some reason, I decided to remove as many spiders from my house as possible. I think it was prompted by finding a massive one in my kitchen sink, which sort of spoiled my plans for a quiet breakfast in bed on Saturday morning. I wish I hadn't looked, beacuase I found a scene straight from charlotte's Web

Spider familyAll the little dots are little spiders and there is a big spider in the bottom right corner. Not a great photo, sure, but there are many many many spiders there. I managed to get most of them out of the front door but there always seemed to be more on the ceiling - I wondered if the same ones were running back indoors after me.

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