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Friday, September 30, 2011

Trying it on

You can, possibly, see that I have kntited one row in grey, transferred the stitches to a long circular needle and tried it on. It appears to fit, and may even stretch over a pony tail but I let my hair loose this time.  I'm going to get it cut to maybe chin length before I go so a ponytail won't be an issue.

The pattern is pretty easy.  I've made a few mistakes so far but nothing dire.  I forgot that only even numbered rows were charted but that was brief.  I did have to undo most of a round as I'd done something wrong early on and had to add in a fake yarnover at the end of a row a bit lower down. That's mostly because I was watching True Blood I think.  


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Casting on

I've finished knitting the edging for the beret and now it is time to perform a little magic. I've picked up the stitches on the provisional cast on on a smaller needle. 
Then, I started undoing the crochet chain that is part of the cast on edge.
I'm using two fuzzy yarns so it wasn't a case of just pulling the end and watching it all unravel.  I had to ease some of the chains apart.

I was surprised at how much "scrap" yarn I needed.
Quite a bundle.
Next, I'll fold the brim over and knit the two sets of stitches together, forming a neat and snug edge.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Swatching for a hat

 I've started the Ishbel beret with Angora 50 from The Little Knitting Company.  I decided to swatch as I've never used this yarn before and didn't want to get half way through a hat that looked like an egg cosy.  Or a car cosy.  So I swatched using 4mm needles and was pleased to find 20sts in 10cm.  Grand.

I also measured my head so I'm knitting the medium size for a 22inch head.  Never mind that I'm mixing measurement systems. The pattern calls for 108 sts on a provisional cast on.  I almost didn't bother.  I've used provisional cast ons before for toe up socks, but that tends to be less than half or even a quarter of 108.  But then, I decided I'd prefer the neater finish and I should try to knit at least a few rows before making blind alterations.
The pattern calls for 180 metres of yarn so I'll be using nearly two balls of the Angora 50.  I'm going to mix red and grey together beacuse I also want to knit an Ishbel scarf and I'd like the two items to match.  They'll coordinate in a fashion because they'll both have slightly mismatched colour stripes. 

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Monday, September 26, 2011

A little swatching

This weekend was lovely and I felt so free! No more blanket to worry about.  I still have a few ends to weave in but I'm doing a couple every so often and it doesn't feel too boring.  I have been swatching for a new design for the magazine.  I don't feel very inspired at the moment.  I think maybe the blanket tired me out a bit - especially as I don't get to keep it.  So, I'll knit some small things next and some things for me.  I have a plan! I've booked a trip with my sister to Japan in November! Squee! And I want to knit some things to wear there.  When I was in Japan last time, it was part of a backpacking gap year and there were times when I felt embarrassed at how scruffy I was compared to the Japanese people.  I wasn't a scruffy backpacker - there were times in India when I looked down my nose at other westerners and how they should be ashamed.  Well, when I was clomping round Himeji-jo, following these tiny women in their work suits and high heels, I felt distinctly underdressed.  So, I'm going to make an extra effort this time and this translates to knitting a hat and a scarf.  Job done.


Friday, September 23, 2011

This could be awkward

I've decided I want to keep the love hearts blanket for myself.  It's so beautiful. I don't think this will go down well with the intended recipient though, as she'll watch her husband opening and delighting in his while I pretend her's got washed away in a flash flood and is now home to a family of raccoons. And an ardvark.



Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Wedding

Today is the first day since the wedding that I've felt I'm back to normal.  The wedding was wonderful. I couldn't get to sleep the night before but I was up at 8, in the bath and packing.  I had bags and bags of food and clothes and makeup although I still managed to leave all my eye makeup behind.  I got to the hotel at 11.15am and went to have my hair made beautiful and sip champagne with the bride, m-o-b, bridesmaids, photographer, hairdresser and make up artist. Quite an entourage.  I checked into my room and ate lunch and started tarting around until my sister turned up and helped me focus.  She had to get ready and practise her songs with my brother outlaw playing guitar.  My aunt and cousin surprised me in my room but fortuantely I was nearly ready.  I even had time to paint my nails and use my nail stickers.

 Here I am with pretty hair and a pretty dress and heavy earrings:

I was sort of in charge of my brother's children and we all read a poem each.  The hotel was great and the registrar lovely and the service beautiful and although I didn't cry at the time I did when I went through the photos and videos. Such a great wedding. We ate and I missed most of the speeches as I was fussing over the nephews.  I enjoyed chatting and gossiping with my aunts.  One of my aunts almost didn't make it but then she arrived looking lovely and danced with me for ages even though she wasn't well. My camera battery ran out pretty early on but here is one of the family another aunty took. Aren't we a good looking bunch!

The day flew by and suddenly it was the final dance.  My mum and dad made it onto the dance floor and we had a family group hug which was unexpected but lovely.  It struck me that it was so different and far better than my own wedding in so many ways.  After much persuasion, the nephews and I had lights out at 1.45am!!!!  Suddenly it was the morning after and I'd had less than 6 hours of sleep. The people who'd stayed in the hotel had breakfast together, in various states of Why am I up so early.

A highlight of the morning was streetpassing my nephews on their new consoles.  Eventually though, we all departed, seperately, in the cold and rain. I spent most of Saturday was eating leftover snacks (I had to feed the nephews every few hours to keep them happy) and finishing off series one of the killing (US version). I still don't know who killed the poor girl and am beginning to suspect I never will.Sunday was a write off too and I was pretty weepy still on Monday, and worrying that I looked like a fat vampire in the photos, and tired on Tuesday and Wednesday but today I feel normal! At last!

The blanket was finished but big sister (shown below) didn't finish the counterpart so we decided to wait until after the honeymoon to present the presents.  I think this was a good idea as the wedding day was so busy there wouldn't have been enough time for appropriate levels of adoration and gratitude.

So there it was. I'm really looking forward to seeing my brother and new sister-in-law when the get back from their honeymoon.   Now that the wedding is over, I feel a bit bereft so I'm going to suggest my SIL learns to knit to tackle her post wedding blues. I'm cheering myself up with knitting and planning the trip to Japan in November down to the finest detail.  I currently have about 3 days too many of activities so the itinerary needs to slim down. I'll see big sister at the weekend to discuss whether she can skip all the places I've been to before.

In other news, I knitted a pair of baby socks, probably for PWW.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 day to go...

I've finished all twelve squares and attached one strip to another.  I've picked up stitches on the other side of the middle strip. I have to pick up 280 stitches on the final strip, knit 3 rows and then perform the magic of a three needle bind off. Then I have to pick up 280 stitches on each outer edges and knit three rows and cast off for the border.  Then, weave in all the ends.  I also have to finish off fighting off this cold, persuade my boss to give me the afternoon off, fetch my new glasses and contact lenses, alter my dress, make a decoration for my hair, go to the shops for snacks and other provisions for the nephews, pack, clean and then start all the washing, scrubbing etc to make me look presentable. It is all doable, people!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

One left!

Two more squares have been completed. 

 And so has the charity 10k stagger round Bedgebury.
Here is my medal.  I'll post more about it all when I'm not trying to finish the blanket.  I imagine that post will feature photos of the wedding too!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Barely human

I'm beginning to feel more human again after the epic weekend Hen Do.  I'm gently hoarse but amazed I have a voice left as I was running around screaming oi oi! on Saturday night for hours.

I've finished square 10.  2 left.  There is still time.

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Watch out, Brighton!

I'm going away for the weekend for the Hen Do.  This will include drinking, cheerleading, comedy and the seaside!