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Thursday, June 29, 2006

SWS Update

Given that the wedding is on Sunday, I thought I'd let you see what I've been up to. Personally, I think it looks a bit naf at the moment as the leaves are just randomly applied. I'm going to embroider some vines on tonight which should make it look a bit more coherent. Then, the tassles can be added on Sunday during the day. The do on Sunday is an evening affair so there shouldn't be any problems with this last minute plan! I'm wondering if I can display the shawl as my entry for the talent show.

The husband's scarf is on row 403 of 480 and Nashville is not happy. I'm worried that the more we force Nashville to work, the more damaged he might get. It's possible we'll call it a day early and stretch the scarf when blocking.

On Saturday, I'm going to meet my new nephew and I'm very excited. I'm making him a little jumper which I hope to have finished in time. Pictures of all his presents tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hey Shorty!

It's my birthday!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Presents As I was taking exams, Chris took pity on me and let me open some presents early. I listened to the Take That CD constantly over the exam days and hummed the songs to myself during the exams. He also bought me a DVD we have already seen, some organic socks and Mason-Dixon Knitting. It's a lovely coffee table book which I think my mum will enjoy borrowing off me. She was complaining that there aren't enough patterns with no shaping in. I've put in an order with her for a log cabin blanket for when we get back from travelling. In the background you can see the SWS which is coming along nicely.
Cardigan The cardigan is seamed! It is the most wonderful thing I've ever made but seems to defy photography. I'll try to get some modelled shots next weekend.
Chocolate The month of celebrations is nearly over so today I treated myself to Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble chocolate. I haven't tried it yet - I'll just enjoy having it for a bit longer.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Blocking good time

The cashmerino aran cardigan had been blocked! I've seamed both sides and one arm. Any thoughts on the best seam for arms? It's knit upwards so I've backstitched to create a firm seam but it doesn't look very good to me. I like my knitting to appear seamless. Hmmm.

This weekend I am having a little party in the park for my birthday. You might think I had forgotten about the month of celebrations but no. Would you feel betrayed if I told you I had opened 4 presents without showing you them? I'll make a special effort and post at the weekend (something I don't tend to do as the husband is often demanding my attention).

Hmm, do you think by promising I'll post, I've just jinxed myself against it?

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Baby Booties

Gift package
I sent these from work and they were received yesterday. The new baby's first post!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Here is a beautiful view from my window.
Sunset Here is a view of my beautiful neice's cardigan.
Cashmerino Aran Here is a view of the SWS blocking process.
Lift and separate Here is some beautiful banana fibre yarn, hand dyed by Kerrie at Hipknits and soon to be on sale.
Going bananas Several months ago, when Kerrie was organising her new premises, she asked if there were any yarns we would like to see available as she would be able to extend her range.

I had long been looking at the banana palm yarn on Yarn Traders when I was searching for ecological yarns (like hemp and bamboo, for example). I'd completely forgotten about it until she emailed me offering me a sample. Look at the stunning colour. It is completely jewel like and gorgeous. I'm not sure whether it is soft enough to wear. I will swatch and wash and maybe try an Annarella bra test. It is softer than it looks but a little fibrous. If it's not wearable, I will make a little bag for a certain young neice who I rather like to knit for. She is overdue a present as the cardigan shown above was originally for Christmas but then the RSI hit and I became despondant. Then the Colinette cardigan took over as the deadline for it was February 28th - I finally finished that on June 4th!

*Congratulations to my sister and her boyfriend who have had a baby boy. Frantic button on bootie action will commence in my lunch break.

Friday, June 16, 2006

What I've been doing

While I was studying, I did pay some attention to knitting. I worked on the SWS, making some leaves


I had some Colinette Giotto left over from a cardigan project which has shades of cream, pink and green in. I think these leaves will lift the shawl and make it a bit more feminine. The husband's scarf won't have any of the pinky ones though. I also had some strange fluffy grey stuff which is making very nice tactile leaves.

Super crummy photo - maybe it will be replaced one day but I doubt it. Really it's embarrassing. (Ok to apologise for this picture, I shall mention that I have a cardigan project due to be published on 1st July in Magknits and if the link I put in worked you can see when I blogged about it in March and the fact that it has been much delayed.)

The first section of the shawl was blocked. I spent ages threading the ribbon through the edges but in the end didn't need it. I suppose it's unnecessary unless you're blocking lace or really need some change in dimensions. I just wanted to reduce the curl. The alpaca gripped the wool rug well so no pins were needed either. I used a damp cloth and a steam iron and a tape measure. The middle of the strip started off about three cm narrower than the ends so I spent some time prodding and smooshing.


I also made a sneaky trip to Liberty to pick up some ribbon for making some labels for my hand knits. As I'd finished the little green booties and made a slight bodge on where the button hole is, I couldn't resist buying some special buttons. Celebrate the (accidental) design features! They are pale yellow squares. You may notice some pink buttons in the bag aswell. I have some fantastic sock yarn from Fyberspates in pink/orange/purple. You may remember I picked it up a little while ago.

*pause, scrabbling around to figure out how to link to archive page*

I plan to do some more machine knitting for some of the little girls in my life. Or maybe just make something for me!

I went out for sushi and was a little concerned I'd get food poisoning but figured if I can't eat strange stuff in my home country then how will I manage abroad? With that in mind, and the impending trip to Thailand and Japan, I sucked down a huge slab of raw tuna. I then felt v v queasy but ate some mackeral and salmon too AND horseradish which I normally hate. Which, I suppose indicates my feelings towards the raw tuna.

Sushi platter

Sushi Snacks

I ate this.

I'm off to see my fambly this weekend. It seemed like a good idea, after all the stress of the exams. My mum is making me a bolero for my birthday, using a pattern my friend Sian had published in Simply Knitting. We are both very excited.

Editted to add: Because the cool kids are and I put a word on someone else's

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(Words like, smelly, mangey, skanky, etc are taken as given. Some other words would be appreciated. We can have a real American style love fest!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006


And it's good to be out on the other side.

I'm having a little party in my office and you're all welcome to eat a biscuit and join me in celebrating the end of exams.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Present Number Two

Here are the contents of present number two. 5 new bubble bars and a nearly discontinued bar and a cleanser. I've already tried two of the new ones and used up two old ones I had in my bathroom. I find long baths a really good coping mechanism when I have exams coming up and having this lucky dip has really brightened up a potentially repetitive act.

SWS Update: Tonight I am going to try the "steam blocking whilst attached to several chairs via ribbon yarn and sitting on a slightly dirty carpet" method. Please note, the shawl will be attached to the chairs not me - it's not supposed to be a kinky method for late night knitters but if that's what you need to encourage you to block, who am I to argue.

Friday, June 02, 2006


There are two countdowns at the moment: one is for the exams which are driving me mad. I might not post over the next week, depending how things go.

The other is for my 25th birthday on 27th June. Apparently every year, I ask Chris what we should do for my birthday and he says he doesn't know. Then, I say, we should have a week of celebrations. Well, he laughed at me this year when I said it, so I exteneded it to a month of celebrations.

Present number 1: Arrived May 27th 2006


I've wanted to order from Purlescence since they opened in January. I read about Lantern Moon needles at least a year ago and have desired them ever since.


I bought Rosewood 4mm dpns and a needle case. The case fits crochet hooks and my new dpns (18cm long) but my other dpns are a little too long. The fabric flap still folds over them though, so no real excuse to replace everything.CloseupsCloseups Needles in case
Present number two arrived this morning. I was already late for work so I only opened it a bit and had a sneak peak. For a clue as to what I bought, click here.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Conversations with a knitter

I'm not sure what it is about knitting that makes one ultra approachable. When I sit and knit, and whenever I'm out in public, I try to make myself look as unapproachable as possible. This includes large bags, earphones, sunglasses/hat if I'm outside and at least two, if not five, sharp implements (knitting needles). So, when people go out of their way to strike up a conversation based on knitting, I try not to be too rude in case I give public knitters a bad name.

Today, I was sitting in the British Museum when a mild looking security guard started. It began innocently enough:

Security Guard (SG): Ooh, what are you making?

Me: Booties

SG: I used to knit .....

The "I used to knit" line is pretty standard. However, the conversation continues:

SG: What star sign are you?

ME: Cancer

SG: I seem to meet a lot of cancers lately. One asked me out.

Me: Hmphfgh

I suppose at this point, I'm getting a little annoyed. A few questions is fine but he keeps on ( I admit, my brain is addled from the exams and I might have exacerbated the problem by volunteering information):

Me: I used to sit in the Parthenon galleries and knit socks.

SG: I've spoken to you before. How long have you been coming here? 5 years?

Me: No

SG: 3 years? I probably spoke to you 3 years ago.

Me: No, like 1 year

Please bear in mind, we had never spoken before. I'm feeling a bit stupid for continuing the conversation and telling him things like where I work and stuff but I figure, I have the sharp objects; the balance of power is in my hands.

Fortunately, the security guards rotate a lot so they only do each section for 1 week in 7 so I'm pretty safe from him for the next 6 weeks.

The booties I was knitting are an adaptation on the Debbie Bliss ones which ended up as:


which I shall show you more of later. I fit 2 year olds