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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why my socks don't fit

I've figured out why my socks don't fit. I scientifically superimposed the shape of the sock onto the shape of my feet and there is clearly a mismatch.  It's no wonder my toes felt crushed by the sock.

So I did the only sensible thing and ripped that toe right back. 
It's turned cold so I'm definitely in need of more woolly socks and am motivated to fix all three pairs of stunted socks as soon as I can.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween stitch markers

The clocks went back last night and I was interested to see the my tv, phone and laptop could sort themselves out but I have to interact with my alarm clock, 3ds and oven. Since I bought ringOs in the summer, I've been looking forward to the halloween seasonal special sets.
I've started crocheting amigurumi and knitting stitch markers aren't useful at all so I bought some split rings too. They are not the main event.

Three sets of ringOs!  I only bought one tin which comfortably fits 30 standard size markers.

Jack O Lantern are black and orange and orange and black.

Wicked Witch are black and green and green and black. Both of these were available last year so I was planning to combine them with the Vampire's Kiss red and black set I already have.  However, a third set was created:

Poison which are purple rings with black and green beads.

I'm not just buying things, I'm also knitting.  I'm up to 110 out of 150 on my dad's xmas present so I'm well on the way to finishing before December.  I'm also correcting several pairs of socks which are painful to wear.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Knitting and Stitching show

And a crochet class!

 I came back with a bag of swag, and a rather lovely complimentary bag it was too.

 As you can see, I was much more restrained than in 2008, and I was very pleased with myself for not revisiting the cash machine. I bought from all new to me shops and enjoyed a crochet class, which turns out wasn't as new to me as I thought.

 These balls of brightness are from New Zealand.  I'm told they retail at £9 per 50g which was too steep for me this time, but these ones were in the seconds bag for only £3.50 each.  I can't resist a bargain but for some reason rejected the orange ball.  I think it was because Liz and Autumn had been teasing me about yellow and orange earlier. I do like orange.

 Silk from Thailand.  I don't think I've seen yarn from Thailand before, so I got sucked into a conversation with some lovely people and bought 25g of silk. I didn't get much change from a tenner but I'm hoping to crochet a tiny hippo so I'm sure it's worth it ;)

I have very little room for more yarn, but as Autumn is an experienced quilter, I was allowed to spend plenty of time looking at fabric.  Being a fan of most things Japanese, I couldn't resist these lovely fabric squares from Euro Japan Links.

Japan were well represented this year, and while I couldn't afford a whole set, I bought a single crochet hook from Tulip and received a brochure and bag.

I saw the hippo tape measure almost as soon as I walked in and bought it there and then.  It was available from several stands for similar prices.  And I don't remember where the zip was from either, although Liz may have bought some fabric there too.