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Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Socks again

I've put the Blossom socks on hold for now as they were proving too involved for relaxed knitting. So a few weekends ago, whilst watching a film with my sister, I cast on for some new socks.

I'm using Brooklyn Handspun Sock Yarn that I bought from Socktopus at Ally Pally last year. It is very beautiful and I love the colours and the softness. I've combined it with 2.75mm needles (completely enormous for me as I usually prefer 2.25mm needles for socks) so it is superfast. I'm using a ribbed cable pattern to give it extra elasticity and snug fitness.

I decided on a heel flap for the heel even though it makes the colour pattern start flashing. I put in some travelling stitches for a bit more interest on the heel and I'm really rather pleased with it.

Look, I'm nearly finished. However, it does occur to me that wool socks are now a little too warm in my trainers. My sock yarn stash is predominately wool so I sneaked off to Getknitted and purchased some Opal Cotton blend sock wool. It pays to be prepared after all.

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